Let Us Tell You A Story

Welcome to the elegant, scintillating world of

sterling silver of Silverrage.

A brand that introduced the Indian woman to the graceful charm of a metal long ignored. Set the garish bling of gold aside and make way for the exquisite gleam of Silverrage.







The Legacy of Silverrage.

Adorning women with the grace and elegance of this charming material, Silverrage specialises in offering something for everyone


Our vision is to provide Silver its well-deserved place in the society and marker presence in the global market. Our exclusive and handcrafted jewellery pieces are aimed at suiting all occasions, personalities budget and moods. We aim to create pieces that can transform from day wear to formals evening affairs seamlessly. But a select few pieces are sure to induce envy.


We at Silverage take great pride in bringing 92.5% pure silver (highest purity), as you deserve nothing less. Our brand philosophy is to create products of an exceptional quality that are first designed and then crafted, keeping in mind strong ethical and safety concerns. Our masterpieces range from subtly elegant to stunningly extravagant in style. We strive for perfection and innovation


With the intent to bring the scintillating elegance and grace of silver into vanity corner of our everyday working women, a perky student, a diva or a homemaker, Silverrage intends to make silver, the new gold. With a wide range of designs and jewellery to suit every occasion, Silverrage is unique in its harmonious congruence of tradition with modernity, beauty with utility and with practicality.

That Would Be US.

Silverrage, a pioneer brand in Sterling Silver Jewellery, available in packaged form, perfect for self use and ideal for gifting, has an inherent subtle charm and elegance . Mrs. Kiran Burman, launched Silverrage in the year 2000. Brimming with creativity and a deep seated interest in design, she came up with idea of putting forth a whole new collection both in high polish Italian finish and the traditional Indian ethnic look, especially for the youth of today, Rhythm Burman, her daughter, a graduate from NIFT has joined Silverrage to freshen the perspective and contribute to design innovation

Why We Love To Design?

A woman’s eyes light up at the mere sight of jewellery. She is inherently beautiful and we like to make her feel even more so with intricate, elegant pieces to highlight her natural beauty & some masterpieces to make her stand out on a special occasion.

Why We Hate Boring Stuff?

Most of the jewellery that we see today has been there for a long time and it is high time we bring in a change! Why would we want to go for the same old boring designs when we can innovate and bring gorgeous creative jewellery!

Our Concept

Gold has been ruling an Indian woman’s vanity case for a long time. Though working women and today’s youth has been looking for a more subtle and elegant substitute for a long time. The one trend that we have brought forth is “Silver is the new Gold”.


Silverrage is a dedicated team working together to create exquisite jewellery with precision and love for the craft. The client is supreme for us and we take care to adhere to their requirements and precision which has given us an edge and an expertise in custom made jewellery. State of the art machinery and latest technology equips us to meet and surpass the industry standards. Each carefully crafted piece travels through a series of well planned and executed stages.

The design and pattern lay-outing is done with an expertise gained through experience and innovative thinking to create the model and master. The approved master then, through “Lost Wax Casting” goes through the casting process. A touch of hand is lent to the design to give it the desired finesse and finish. A variety of finishes are achieved through a varied range of polishers, motors and other equipments. Every single piece is polished by hand thrice at various stages of the process. Subsequently ultrasonic cleaners and steam pressure is used for further cleaning.

Recently a Centrifugal Polishing Machine has been set up to meet our rising mass production needs for a finer finish and greater speed. Finally a variety of finishes ranging from silver plating to micron gold plating are achieved as per international standards with the use of various rectifiers and baking ovens. The plating process is carried out in-house and we hold an expertise in nickel free rhodium plating.

It is after this intense series of processes, care, precision, dedication and crafting that the final product is unveiled to our clients and we add some glow to your vanity case.